Monday, August 13, 2012

"Hotel Interiors Present"

Somehow it struck me.

The problem with "Rivfader" was that while there was nothing wrong with the actual song, it was played in so high key that it sounded too "light" to the other´s ears. So I took an hour to re- record all the stringed instruments again in different tune (transposed, not down- tuned) and blatantly pitched manually all the keyboards. Then I added a bit more variation to the last chorus and gave it a spin.

The result was uncanny. Going from C- minor to A minor did not actually make it sound heavy -like the other songs-, but I could also go lower in the places when the original riff clearly needed it. And, if you play guitar or bass, you know how much nicer it is to be able to use more open strings.

So, I boldly renamed the song as "rivfader_demovoxVITUNKOVA.mp3" ("vitun kova" would be directly translated as "fucking awesome") and posted it to the guys. An hour later I got an SMS which said "Rivfader_VITUNKOVA on oikeesti ihan vitun kova!!!!" (...".is really fucking awesome!!!!").

Trouble well spent. Moral of the story? Sometimes you can´t see the forest from the trees no matter how far- sighted you should technically be. Also, Blodsvett was greatly appreciated. This is awesome!
Now I need some coffee and a small break from composing alone- don´t want to end up repeating myself too much. Or I might call Tundra and ask him to drop by later if he´s cured from his Czech tour hangover by then....then again, knowing him, he´ll be having the same hangover still at thursday. :D

Later, peeps.

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