Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Hotel Interiors Past"

"Rivfader säger, nu ska vi äta någo kyckling
Nu ska vi äta någo kyckling
Och vi tycker det är GOTT!
Och vi tycker det är GOTT!"

-Trollhorn, 2012 a.y.p.s.

Usually, there are no lyrics done before music. Then I tend to use some old shit. Like, for example mentioned earlier, one new song went in 6/8 so I just took Blodnatt´s lyrics and used them. But sometimes there´s nothing old which would fit the exact rhytm I´d want to demonstrate in "how I imagined the vocal lines to sound like". So, enter complete and utter bullshit lyrics!

This above-quoted line is the chorus of "Kyyppari" which fits like a glove. Everything is always debatable and I don´t want to give super- detailed instruction except for some certain parts where certain timing is absolutely necessary. And this part was CRUCIAL to have this certain timing, so I just took the first words that popped into my mind, twisted them a bit to match the pattern even better and that was it.
It seems that I need some lunch, I guess.

On the other hand, "Blodsvett" got completed this morning. After I spent four (!!) hours trying different things from certain point onwards, I woke up this morning and realized which of them I should definitely go with. And when I had recorded that, I instantly knew how to proceed.
Oh, and there´s a guitar solo coming up.

I wonder what people will say when this album is going to be out. It´s really hard to say if this is the same band that did Vätteanda and Svampfest, but more of the band who did Mot Skuggornas Värld. Then again, every time I start to listen to the new songs thinking if this is going to be too "straight- forward" album, I tend to be positively surprised with the lurking evilness behind.
I´m going to promise myself I´ll do some faster shit now, otherwise we´ve got too much of that groovy shit. Even though how good they are supposed to be, no- one wants to listen to an album which has only straight- forfard mid- tempo- ish punk songs with palm- muted guitars. :D
And folk! We definitely need some more folk. Luckily the three songs I´m working with are all very heavily based on that stuff. Let´s see!

I guess it´s Nexro tiem then. Seven finished songs already and studio starts in three months. Do we actually have time to think about them with the whole group and make them even more better together? I really hope so.


  1. That's great, can't wait for 2013! Anywhore, How was the spa-trip with you guys? :D

  2. Spa was excellent! We later went to our usual bar and emptied 7 bottles of wine. :D Needless to say, my next day at work was a bit...slow.