Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Flushing The Plans To Hoagie"

"Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven

Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken!" 

- Grand Apotechary Putress. 

In other words, fear not. Our lives haven´t been all play and videogames. While Tundra made some awesome new stuff and I did some ideas too, the band played a couple of gigs abroad and I was fighting with my neighbours. Funny how no other neighbour got along with them except for us... until last month when I finally realized why no- one likes them. It´s because they really are assholes to the core.

Besided being the fucking forced representative and official paper- work- bitch of our housing company (!!!), I´ve been drowning on work at the office. And on the top of that, I had a extremely consuming semi- legal case going on until last week about other, more private things. (Which I managed to settle on my terms- not the best conclusion but certainly not the worst one either. And now I´m at least on the safe zone again, after having to hold on to my rights since last October.) So... as Marduk put it, "There´s no Peace". And no peace means no time for doing new stuff. And no inspiration, to be honest. When the only thing you can think is either audio design at work or surviving with the paper- work at home and trying your best to be your own layer it hardly leaves any room for creative stuff at spare time. You just basically struggle surviving to the next day just to be Bill Murray again.

I did some good versions out of "Nexro" but soon realized they weren´t that good. In fact, it was horrible punk. So I ditched that. Now I have some better ideas, which I just need to lay down to tracks at some point. Tonttuparaati is also driving me nuts- it´s still on hold until I come up with a reasonable solution to it instead of forcing something bad. You don´t want to hear bad stuff, I know that. 

I wonder if I should call Tundra and ask him to pay a visit at the office after work. What I think I´d need is some musical boost from some bandmate. So many ideas and riffs, so fucking chaotic mess in my head. And I feel like the schedule is slipping forward all the time- every second day I spend without actually doing anything for the new album I feel like not doing anything at all. You know, this guilt about postponing your diet or whatever. Well, at least I´ve kept my diet. 

Fuck, I need a break from this noise.