Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Oh boy, have the last couple of weeks been interesting or what? At least in the Camp Finntroll, I can say. And, if you know your Poirot, you´d say "I say!".

Another other way of arguing besides "the silent treatment" is the traditional verbal flaming, mockery and threatening. Which, of course, never happened, if you ask me as there´s a line one must draw before all this ends into sounding like a fucking metal- soap- opera. And the end of the line is here, sorry about that. Let´s just say everything is quite fine- ish again and no- one quitted the band after all. Besides, you don´t really give a fuck about that drama anyway. At least you shouldn´t.
Also, the quarrels were never concerning the whole band but rather a couple of members only clashing against each other´s views. So, spread out, nothing to see here, I guess. Which is nice.

To nicer things: Some new stuff has been made! While me and Tundra turned his song into something....rather, ehm, Bungle- ish (and he´s still not certain about that idea, hehe) we also decided to ditch "Tonttuparaati". They sounded so much alike that we thought it would be better to do one good song than two stretched semi- ok- ones which are too close to each other riff- and groove- wise.

Another song, "Halkodisko" got it´s name from the Finnish word "Halko" ("log") and...well, disco. While the latter part should be quite obvious to you, the former part is an abbreviation of the term "Halolla Päähän"- beat we tend to use too. So, as the direct translation would be "log into the head", it´s rather more like a visual image of the drummer playing fast 4/4 beat with the kick drum in every beat instead of every other one. Just imagine the drummer having logs instead of drumsticks and beating the FUCK out of the kit with them with extremely exaggerated up/ down hand- movements.

Some examples of "halolla päähän"- beat would include:

Hurriganes (FIN) - Get On (1974) (mind the lyrics!!!)
Demented Are Go ("UK") - I Wanna See You Bleed (1996)
Larharyhmä (FIN) - Tsingis Khan (2003)
Finntroll (SWE) - Under Bergets Rot (2010)

If you ask me, it´s pretty much the grooviest drum beat on Rock/ Punk you can imagine. Which explains why I shove it everywhere. Sorry about that, really.

What´s next? Oh yeah, Spa! No, seriously, we´re going to spa with the band in 15 minutes. :D
Most of you have probably been in some kind of "company summer /christmas party", "company refreshing day out" andyouknowthedrill. Well, I thought we´d get a fucking Finntroll- refreshing- day too! :D It all started when I was in that particular spa with my wife, and I got this crazy idea of getting all the bandmates there and going to this "wellness- section" with them, having fun and relaxing in steambaths and whatnot. One thing led into another and suddenly, thanks to our awesome label manager Jens, I actually got it arranged and we´re actually going there!
This is going to be so fucking cool. Seriously, take a look at this place. :D
So....now excuse me while I put on my white and fluffy bathrobe and enter the world of different saunas, steambaths and girly asian scents with cheesy music.

*leaves the room stylishly, Austin Powers- theme song playing in the background*