Friday, May 31, 2013

Helluva ride continues...with some abrupt help from a huge slingshot!

So, this has nothing to do with Finntroll per se, yet I thought to make a short update on my thingies.

I have started working at Rovio Entertainment (yes, that Angry Birds- company :D ) as a Music Producer last week until September. What basically happened was that I sent their "Head of Audio" an email where I offered my freelance- composing skills to their use, as I knew my very good friend and ex- colleague Jakke was just hired as a full- time audio guy there and they wouldn´t need more full- time people right now.

After a couple of weeks of email exchanges, I was suddenly asked to visit the office, and you can bet your ass off I wasn´t exactly prepared to this. :D On last week´s monday I was queuing at the unemployment office, (ironically laughing at the situation where the government basically fucks normal people like me in the ass while pouring money to the chronic bums and other scum happily) and less than a day afterwards I was drinking coffee at Rovio HQ with their audio team leader. On thursday I passed the H&R- interview, signed the contract and started on this week´s monday.

I´m not sure at all what will happen when my short- term contract ends; either they wish me luck and I´m screwed again (this time with an awesome addition on my CV, though ^^ ) or they may want to keep me in the house full- time. It all basically depends how important I prove myself to be for them, I guess. But I won´t let that uncertainty ruin my summer this time: if I learned something from the "abrupt leave" from Digital Chocolate was that nothing is certain "except for dying and paying the taxes", as we say in Finland. At least our family is saved until September, and that matters the most.

Right now I´m still working from my home studio, as they didn´t have equipment for me yet due to the extremely fast recruitment, but I have regularly visited the place to attend all sorts of meetings and stuff. What I can honestly say that it seems to be probably one the best places to work in Finland, for all the atmosphere, facilities and whatnot. As I´m not willing to say anything bad about my former (?) employer....let´s just say that when you don´t know about better, it´s easy to imagine everything to be the same everywhere.

The most awesome part is though, that I am now working with Jakke again after 2.5 years of "man, some day we will work together again goddamnit, I bet my ass for it!".
The best job is where you can work with the best people. Because the best people make the best out of you.

Oh, and sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side.