Monday, July 15, 2013

Vol 2.0

Yes, hello. I´m still here. But alas, no- one else seems to be. At least for what it comes to the Finntroll - members. And this is why the topic is what it is. So, welcome to....

Putting the Fun back into Fungi Vol. 2.0!

I started this blog about 1.5 years ago in order to keep you peeps updated on the upcoming Finntroll- album, which is out now as you probably know. My intent was that everyone in the band would participate on writing here, but somehow people seemed to lack the general interest of doing so.

During the time passing, I noticed the blog was drifting more into the direction of being "Trollhorn´s personal blog on music and composing in general" instead of "Let´s unveil the secrets behind the Finntroll- camp by all the bandmembers" . So, I kind of let it go there. After all, if no- one else didn´t want to participate to the writing, I thought that the off- topic wouldn´t disturb anyone.

An off- topic after an off- topic, I started to think that maybe labeling this blog under the topic of Finntroll would be quite a disappointment for people who find Trollhorn´s job status updates instead of "Sexy Pictures Of Vreth XXX FREE" [---->CliCk hErE nOw!!!!<---]. And then I started to think about switching myself as the owner of the blog as well, making it officially "mine" to avoid any misunderstandings and disappointments.
The bad side of course is that now you´ll have to find anything relevant band- related stuff from within useless information of my obsession with the World of Warcraft- franchise.But hey, the plus side is that if you like Moonsorrow, you´ll get a hefty dose of that crap as well in the future here! Not to mention the endless geeky posts on music analysis, producing, audio, gaming and whatnot in the middle.

I will start writing more often here when the summer crawls near to it´s end, due to horrible lack of time. Right now I´m trying to spend the summer with my family, work on two different unannounced games (outside Rovio), finish composing for one tv- ad, compose new Moonsorrow, work at Rovio and try not to lose my sanity meanwhile. And while I can´t play nearly as much WoW as I´d love to right now, I have fed my horrible gaming addiction at bed with my Galaxy Tab and ScummVM at nights when my family is sleeping. (Because 90´s adventure games, that´s why!)

I also have a G+ -account now, but I rarely use it. Don´t ask why, you know exactly.
My Twitter will be updated more frequently than this, and you can follow me at @trollhornmusic. Did I just use two "at"s?  Stupid grammar, be more sensible!!!!!!