Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Visited By IRS"

(This summer has been busy as fuck, everyone being on vacation at different times, which has left us not so much time to do music together. However, something has been done indeed. So hear, hear!)

1. Prologue

Did you know that I have 142 game music soundtracks, of which roughly 25% are official soundtracks and the rest ripped out from game files? My most beloved soundtrack is the game music rip from World of Warcraft, containing every single musical snippet ever existed in the game.
Which are a lot. 1722 files, to be exact. I usually put it on shuffle when I´m driving my car and enjoy the orchestral soundscapes of Azeroth while trying to not to lose my temper in that usual traffic jam.

So, why am I telling you this? Because I spent one week of my summer re- arranging, polishing and tidying my collection and uploaded it into a cloud where I can stream the right into my mobile phone or tablet. Some might say I´m insane, but I´d rather use the term "enthusiast". My wife tends to lean on the looney description, though. Good thing I´m already married; if you´re not, I suggest you still keep on pretending you like her music collection and "are bored with yours right now, so just put on anything you want, honey" for now.

No, that wasn´t what I supposed to tell. I was supposed to tell you some updates for the new Finntroll album, that´s right! Routa has made one semi- ready song now, and me and Tundra finished one of Tundra´s half- made song. Or rather, buttraped it with Balkan influences! (Yes, we´re apparently Trollfest now. Or Finnfest? Trolltroll? Nevertheless, I´m sure you will like it. In fact, I´m pretty sure it has some potential hit material within.)

2. To the point, Batman!

Speaking of hit material, I´m starting to be convinced this is actually going to be the best album we have ever released. Apparently 65% of the material is now written, and each song has turned out to be almost better than another, having individual hooks and melodies to remember and they all groove like David Hasselhoff on poppers.

To wrap it up for you, in May we had:

  1. Rivfader (ready)
  2. Marilyn (ready)
  3. Rocklolbster (old version which was ready at that point)
  4. Nexro (total mess, not nearly finished)
  5. Tomboijohnson (somehow later this became Jorma and...Jorma, well, disappeared?)
  6. Jorma (??? :D )
  7. Soutu (same situation in May and in August)
  8. Tonttuparaati (killed in action)
So, what has happened? It´s August and we have.....

Ready songs (5 pieces):
  1. Rivfader
  2. Marilyn
  3. Rocklolbster a.k.a new title, "Piraattilolbster" (new version, complete but needs demovocals* recorded and that´s it)
  4. Halkodisko
  5. Jorma (or Tomboijohnson??) a.k.a new title anyway, "Kyyppari" (complete but needs also demovocals*)
 *(I´m going to the office at Saturday to do the vocals, which means that they are 100% finished demos then)

Not ready songs, but certain when finished (3 pieces):
  1. Nexro (60% complete, main melody finally nailed, arranging is a mess, absolutely no more riffs needed)
  2. Routa´s song a.k.a new title, "Kiguli" (70% complete, arranging is a mess still, need to sit down with Routa and Tundra)
  3. Soutu (40% complete, not sure if it´s good until the point it stops and nothing is written since. Main riff is awesome, though.)
Uncertain (3 pieces):
  1. Tonttuparaati (this has been done to death, turning it into 6/8 shuffle made it sound like the first Covenant album. Maybe I´ll do it, maybe not. Probably not.)
  2. Samin uus, a.k.a Tundra´s new song (no idea of the process, I just know he´s doing "something")
  3. Punkki  (a.k.a Routa´s (unheard) punk song which might fit combined with one punk melody- idea I have.)
3. Epilogue

We´re probably going less synth, less producing and polishing this album, and aiming more towards a rougher production. The package you will hear will be much simpler this time, as the arranging and synthetic ear- candy in (especially) Nifelvind is pretty much unbeatable for us. So, while others paint themselves into the corner, we´re eating our way out of it. And yes, you can draw parallels to Kivenkantaja- Verisäkeet- leap if you will. Or even Now, Diabolical, if you will. We are skipping the "11th ending of this riff is having a different crash cymbal here" and "let´s add a third synth bass here to emphasize that seventh quarter- note of that riff on the last round". Instead, we´re bringing you mountains.


This album shall bring them to you. And to Mohammed. Be warned.
(In fact, it will probably split Mohammed and whoever stands there in fucking half. Hey, he asked for it after all, according to that phrase.





  1. After careful considering I took one (extra) bar away from Piraattilolbster´s "ending of the opening riff sequence". ONE BAR, and it made the song instantly better. Like, smashing tables and hitting random person in the head at a bar- better.

    One bar. ONE.

    Seriously, it´s all about the little things.

  2. share the WoW soundtrack D; c'mon Trollhorn!! I want it n.n