Monday, September 3, 2012

"Hotel Interiors Future"

I remember when we were doing Midnattens Widunder, Katla used to play Motörhead´s "I´m so Bad (Baby I don´t Care)" every single morning. Those mornings weren´t exactly very pleasant, waking up from a floor of a horribly filthy 25 m2 flat with five other people. Smelling your own and their farts, banging the bathroom door, begging Somnium to get out from the toilet so you wouldn´t have to piss into a soda bottle. Then we walked two kilometres to the studio where we drank coffee and waited someone to play his parts so we could do something else than drinking that bad coffee.

Someone found a ketchup- bottle which had expired a year ago and we used it on our food. We didn´t have any money to buy new ketchup to use with our plain macaroni, so we had to take that risk. If I remember right, no- one actually got sick. But for some reason, we always had some money for alcohol. Except for when we went to local Black Metal guys´ rehearsal place to drink some homebrewn stuff. Was Sotajumala already formed at that point? I´m not really sure.

After all, it´s 13 years ago.

One thing though, that never seems to change is how I get my inspiration. I don´t. It gets me.
My "PERR....rrrrr*grunt*....KELE.....*grunt*" was maybe a bit too harsh when I bounced up from my bed 2:20 AM, as my wife almost bounced up too, but only because I had woken her up with my swearing.

"*gasp*...what? Godyouscaredme...whatthehell????"
- Sorry, I have to go, be back later!
"What the....where are you going.... why are you going?"
- Gotta go write notes down, sorry about waking you up, I´m going to another room, where´s my pen goddamnit".

Using the other side of my son´s drawing sketch from the afternoon, I quickly scribbled notes and guidelines for that Most Awesome Chorus (tm) I had just invented (or force- fed, depends on your point of view). It´s supposed to be a perfect match for Tundra´s Most Awesome Main Riff (tm) and when I got back to bed I had already figured out how 75% of the song would go with an extra riff I had invented while I wrote down the other.

This is the best part in writing music. Nothing beats the feeling of IGOTTAWRITETHISDOWNFAST which hits you like a truck while you least expect it. And usually, these tend to be the best ideas done. You know, those ideas what you don´t think. You just know what to do.

Or rather, are being told.

We have our first rehearsal tomorrow for the new stuff. Let´s see how this goes!

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  1. Haha my inspiration doesn't when I'm in bed, but rather RIGHT before bed, so I'm nodding off, thinking of going to sleep and then some tune comes to me and I have to work on it until like 4 in the morning. Glad to see the progress with your songs!