Thursday, November 22, 2012

"The Human Show"

Wednesday, day 8.

Seriously. The guys played over half of the missing guitars in one day and managed to do it even better, just like some people actually predicted in the internetz. I went there with my son for an hour, edited Soutu into final and left the guys ripping again.

This morning all the brass arrangements got finished, Mp3´s extracted, notes scanned and finally printed. And I can tell you there were quite a many. Close to hundred pages, to be exact.

And below you can get some perspective on the amount of them. Seven songs are getting a brass- treatment, with different stems for trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophone. I´m not sure who´s going to sweat more- me writing and arranging those or the players at the studio when they start recording those. :D

It looks like I´m going to edit the guitars in another computer while Tundra´s playing his bass, starting today. We should be ready with the guitars and bass on saturday afternoon, which makes us only half a day late from the schedule.

After the guitars are edited and bass played, we will do some additional feedbacking for them as well. As you can probably imagine (or I´m crushing your delusions, in which case I´m horribly sorry) normally people don´t play guitars in the same room the amp is located as it´s FUCKING LOUD.
So, that means the guitar doesn´t feedback at all as it´s not close to the amp. And if you have thought of having some feedback somewhere (in, for example, some "mid- part" where the guitars are having a long and open chord) you have to do it afterwards while standing in the front of that FUCKING LOUD amplifier. I have already marked all the feedback- sections down so it´s pretty much one hour and we have captured those. Then we just glue them to the actual rhythm guitar tracks and are having a blasting feedback all the time it´s needed. A bit cheesy, I know, but unless you´re playing everything live, it´s almost impossible to create the sound otherwise. The guitar amp is blowing over 100dB, so imagine how loud your headphones would have to be in the recording session.....not really healthy at all.

While the guitar adventures continue, I will accompany the guys in a couple of hours after I get away from the office. Meanwhile, riddle me this. What´s in the picture?

I´ll leave you thinking.

Later, peeps.


  1. Kuvassa on avaimet, Hevisaurus (vai onko se Sauruxet?), sakset, jokin asia mikä näyttää sählötupakalta ja tietokone?

  2. It's HEVISAURUS! Can I has a signed copy of the new album in whatever-limited-edition-it-will-be-released now, please? ;-)

    Yours truly


  3. Grats with restoring the guitar parts! Pic: some mic gadgets for recording live brass section? "Shure" print is a betrayer.

    And, talking about borrowing (as mentioned at facebook): the piece sung by Jonne in Jaktens Tid song makes the main melody of Trollhammaren ;)

  4. Sessin listan jatkoksi nuo pötkylät taitavat olla mikkejä tahi jotain niihin liittyvää (en tiedä musakamppeista juurikaan). Sitten toinen paperi Hevisaurus-läpyskän lisäksi ja oletettavasti pöytä.

  5. 1 Ecig, 4 mike stuff! That was the point, so forget the fucking Hevisaurus. :D

    1. Ah, I quit smoking last year at once without using e-cigarettes, so I got confused with this one xD