Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Ned & Jed Edison"

I spent last tuesday at work while having over 38 degrees of fever. And on the top of that, the day lasted 13 hours in total, including some serious Finntroll- sessioning afterwards with Tundra and Vreth. However, I managed to change Blodsvett into a Fucking Awesome Song (tm) instead of being A Good Song With A Mid Part I Didn´t Like Which Felt Totally Out Of Place (tm).
After I finished that by myself, we stormed through Piraatti together, experimented with trombones, tomwaits and whatnot and had shitloads of fun. And yes, it is ready as well. :)

So, because of my stubborn mentality of work- comes- before- health, I actually spent wednesday and thursday with high fever at home. On friday morning, I decided "I have stuff to fo and besides, I feel so much better" that I went to work despite of the doctor´s orders (...)  and to the company Halloween party afterwards. (..........)
Which led into fever on saturday again. Which I tried to calm down with ibuprofen. Which, my stomach -despite of the doctor´s earlier warnings- couldn´t handle anymore so I got the change the experience probably the worst pain in my life ever and got rushed to the doctor, who kindly told me that I am having severe symptoms of peptic ulceration. I was sent back home and told to come back if the symptoms re-appear. And now I have to eat these stupid fucking pills for some time.
So in the end, I got prescribed medicine in order to be able to take other medicine. Sounds...healthy? Add some horrible headaches for days in a row on top of it, and you got youself someone who is starting to get a bit worried about burning the candle from two ends simultaneously.
(If I can see my arm is bleeding, I know why and how long and what to do with it, but it´s a bit more scarier situation when all the pain is constantly happening "inside" and you have no idea what causes it and what the fuck is wrong and how wrong it is. I guess you all know what I´m talking about.)

So now I´m taking everything a bit less rushed and try to say myself that the "world doesn´t end" if we don´t have the lyrics in advance or we´re still figuring out how are we getting Skrymer to Helsinki. I´m not supposed to take care of everything, and I am much more useful doing most of the stuff I was supposed to do instead of lying in a fucking hospital bed, covered with tubes, pissing in a goddamn plastic urinal bottle. Especially in a situation I´m having going in the background besides this band- stuff. "Well, nurse, the father of this child is in the next hospital, so he couldn´t attend to the birth unfortunately". :D

Last week left before we enter the studio and I still have one song to finish. Except for Piraatti, all rehearsal tapes are posted to people and everyone knows what to do and when. If I can´t make it to the rehearsals, bad fucking luck. I will do my work at the office, figure out the last song meanwhile in all peace, breathe properly and play Super Mario 2 with my son.

My point? Even though managing, scheduling and everything is helping, there are times even they are not. So, if you get sick, BE SICK. I told Virta and Vreth to stay the fuck out of rehearsals in order to rest while they have fever, but somehow I thought I am so important I have to go there, no matter what. So, I might want to stick into my head the fact that while I am maybe important to some, I´m irreplaceable to some others.

To nicer things- I didn´t remember how freaking awesome Mortiis´s "Crypt of the Wizard" was. :D Despite all the horrible performance, awkward melodies, and rather...ehm... peculiar sound choices, this is one of the feelingful albums ever made. So cold, so northern and so...home.
Home is where the North is. <3

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