Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Building The Fire"

9:50AM an SMS arrives from Beast.

 "Samuli, Mössö, Henu; Does any of you have BOSS Metal Zone?"
"Nope, but I wonder if Mathias has? I´ll ask around from my contacts"
"I got the most peculiar idea coming up..."
"I like it already"

I wonder what the hell mr. Beastur is up with this. :D

Yesterday we spent storming through the drum sounds, which sounded helluva good. No triggering, loads of room ambience and TONS of cymbals. Cymbals are aggression, and aggression is good. While the other guys went home to do whatever, we started to record "Mitävittua" with Beast after hours of twiddling and testing. I played the guitar, Vreth recorded, Virta took notes and both of them produced. The groove was astonishing, so it really helped that we rehearsed a lot beforehand.
We´ve normally used my earlier- played- and- imported guitar files for him to play with, but he wanted to be more old -school and thus I was playing with him real- time. That was really fun and makes a ton of difference to the final outcome concerning the groove.
At 9PM Beast was tired as fukk (for he had woken up 4AM to go to work before the studio) (!!!!)  and we called it for the day.

Today´s drum agenda will be about 4-5 songs, and I have no doubts they will sound as crushing as Mitävittua was. We´ll start at 13PM and continue as long as Beastur can pull it off. Luckily he didn´t have to wake up that early today, so I don´t have any doubts about him performing like hell also today. I, on the other hand, am so tired I could smash my head to this keyboard while falling asleep and couldn´t probably notice a thing. Nice 13+ hour day coming up. :D


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  1. Awesome!! I see that it was indeed a very productive day. Good job, guys >:U
    Hope to read some new shit tomorrow :D