Friday, May 11, 2012

"Nurse Edna"

"Man makes a song. Band must tell man how the song is like. Six opinions they must give. No more, no less. Six, and we are done. "
- Jaqen H’ghar (freely quoted)

But seriously, enough with Game of Thrones- references. It´s time for my favourite part of making music in a band: THE FEEDBACK SECTION! Here, no flesh shall be spared. Here, the white walkers will haunt you and the winter is...oops, sorry. I seemingly did it again.
Anyway, I had feedback from one member at phone and three via email. The one in phone liked it. The rest...well, draw your own conclusions.

"What´s this...a new song?"
From: henri.sorvali@XXXX
To: XXXX[bandmail]

"This kinda song! So, at last- first totally finished song is ready! 
A bit like the first two albums clashing with some cartoonesque evilness. Note that Autopsy- riff in the middle of the song! I´m open to ideas- I could easily record this version but I´ll be glad to get some feedback and ideas how to make it better from you guys.
What do you think?"

"RE: What´s this...a new song?"
From: XXXX[bandmail]
To: henri.sorvali@XXXX

"Dude, you have pretty much got the worst possible guitarsound into that demo, hehehe :D

I´m kinda puzzled, I don´t know why, might be because of it´s morning and my head´s a bit messy still but somehow that seemed to be a bit "scattered", quite many of those open chords and stops allaround....I´m gonna make some coffee, have a few cigarettes and will give it another spin :D I´m not trying to be an ass, it´s just an opinion :)"

"RE: What´s this...a new song?"
From: XXXX[bandmail]
To: henri.sorvali@XXXX

"Quite refreshing!
This sounds like Burton/ Elfman are mangling a movie score for Beetlejuice, where Baldwin has already killed in the first possible scene and Betelgeuse is banging Geena up the pooper on a plastic grass- mat.
The vocal parts are c-c-c-lear for me. I assume we´ll hear some annoying screeching and hickuping coming up?"

"RE: What´s this...a new song?"
From: XXXX[bandmail]
To: henri.sorvali@XXXX

"I can´t get anything out of this. It has a couple of good melodies, which work, but otherwise I don´t like this at all. It reminds me of some platform- videogamemusic, as it feels like it´s not structured at all but different and separate themes are just changing places. And the fast guitarpicking in the start is what I hate the most...If I think I´m supposed to play this live I don´t know what to think and how to be at the stage. To be honest, I wouldn´t want this to the album like it is now."

I..... need...... a...... fucking.......... beer.................NOW.

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