Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Honeymoon Suite"

Apparently, some members of the band now refuse to talk with me.
What is this, a fucking kindergarten?


  1. Your latest posts have been awesome! Not only did I finally get a look behind the curtains, but I also saw the structure in which I had always hoped the writing-process would be.
    For every other line I guess most readers will relate with the gnaaaawing frustrations, cause a lot of musicians ARE reading this.
    One quick question: "Drep Den Norske"-riff - what is that? :D

    Nice work keeping up the bloging! Tell your bandmates to cheer up. One hug, one beer and a sigar - everythings water under the bridge.

  2. I agree with nealspring. These posts are fantastic (just like the Nifelvind diary you had a couple years ago). I like looking into the song-writing process as well, and I especially appreciated the post about "working titles." I do the exact same thing, even having Finntroll files like "Finntroll_inspired_song", "Nattfödd_sounding", and "Trollhammaren_ripoff" lol. :)

    Like nealspring, I hope everything gets worked out soon. You're an awesome composer, Mr. Trollhorn. We trolls need your music, so I hope all goes well.

    P.S. "Is the 'monkey island' song En Mäktig Här?" :P

  3. Hehe, yeah, we´ve been talking a lot lately about the atmosphere within the band. I hope things will get sorted out at some point, but the most important thing is that MOST of the people get very well along personally and music- wise. I´ve probably spoken tens of hours with Tundra about the composing, "bigger picture" and everything in between, and we´re very excited about the new stuff.

    We´ll be more quiet in the going week, but activate most likely next week again. So much to do besides the band- activities that one has to take a bit "Zen"- approach to things.

    PS: "Monkey Island" was actually just another riff/snippet which was totally something you could hear from CMI (#3). En Mäktig Här, even though having the BLATANT LeChuck- ripoffs :D was called "Shakira" because of the remiscenence of the "Hips don´t Lie"- groove we thought it had. ^^