Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Cigar Salesman & Vat-O-Teeth"

Now, seriously. I started working with "Rivfader" and suddenly I had very well- functioning first half of the song. And then.....enter AGAIN the major problem.

Houston, we need the "C- part". Somehow every song I start making rolls fine until that 2- minute mark and then they start to get boring. So, I start wondering that we´d need a kicking "middle- part". And then I start to think again- "Why am I falling into patterns again? Why does this song need to stop and go again? Why can´t it just go if it feels like it?"

Why? Because the song is getting repetitive, boring and not going anywhere. That´s why. Imagine looking at a sharp triangle: Wide from the bottom and narrow from the pointy end. Now imagine that the groove and feeling of the song is the windth of the triangle. So, the further up we go, the more the groove diminishes. My song kicks in from the low end and it´s full of energy, raging forwards like a rabid monkey. (Or, Rabbid, if you know your games. ^^ ) But the further we go, it starts loosing the groove. Until we´re at the 2- minute mark at the pointy end of the triangle when there´s no groove left.

The solution? Stop thinking triangles and concentrate more on different shapes. Make interesting mid- parts scattered around instead of forcing the song going into the point where you´ve painted yourself into a corner and need a definite stop, tempo- change or something similar.

As the typical song would go like this:

Verse 1


Back to Verse3

Try something like this:

Half- beat- pattern, 8 bars max.
Verse2, without drums.
That riff which reminded you of Suffocation
Dannyelfman- ish pom- pom and then some
Verse3 -> Abrupt stop. Profit!

Now how´s that for creative songwriting? Speaking of which, I did four completely different variations of how to continue "Rivfader" from that triangle´s end. Then I decided to arrange the song more from the beginning, giving it more variety so that when we reach that (ex-) triangle´s end, we can continue with the same groove and tempo now and it doesn´t sound repetitive or non- groovy. In fact, it sounds awesome. I decided not to make a clear break but actually keep the tempo, only dropping some instruments. And it grooves like fuck.

Ever thought what happens when combining bluegrass drums, Autopsyesque riffing and a title of a B- class 80´s horror flick? Yeah, neither haven´t I. But now I know, and it sounds awesome. :D
Holy Hell, I think this song is going to be first READY song for the new album!!!!!!

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