Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Introduction & Opening Themes"

There was once a thought in a teenager´s head that his favourite bands just get together in a rehearsal room whenever they wish and magically just create this awesome music. Then this superb music somehow transforms into a silver disc which I can listen to at home and bang my head with it.

I was so goddamn wrong.

This blog is about what actually happens before you are able buy download the album. It´s a really goddamn long trip from the first bad and unused riff into the actual record release, and we´re trying to cover a bit about what´s going to happen while you are eagerly waiting WHY THEY DON´T COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW ALREADY FREAKING LAZY MOFOS I DESERVE NEW MUSIC.

So, what´s this all about then? Finntroll, of course! And the fact that we have started to mold our...umm, seventh...(? )...full- lenght- album.

Finntroll is a Finnish metal band, existing since 1997. We have released...ummm, six albums, I guess and despite of dead members, internal quarrels and constant mischief we still somehow manage to pull it off. Our musical style is a tint of Black and Death metal combined with Scandinavian and European folk music, spiced with a dose of ska, cartoon- esque- circus- music and whatnot. We also boast with occasional Latin music, Psychobilly and Klezmer influences, so it´s kinda hard to explain, really. We are pretty much labelled as "Folk Metal" from the wider perspective, but we´ve never quite felt like belonging there per se.  Basically, we don´t even really care and nor should you.

You might want to check us out by yourself from various sites, such as:

Official Homepage

We are notoriously being known as somehow lazy band, who takes ages to come up with new material. So, after once again struggling between records, either splitting up completely for good or getting a grip on ourselves once again, we decided to activate musically. You see, we´re not your regular band who makes albums once in while- we´re actually a band who has to be kicked in the groin in order to do something. And this time we thought we could give people something to read about it. Everybody writes or puts studio diaries on Youtube- we are presenting you something else...

A diary about making and inventing  the material you will hear a year later.

This blog is somehow run by this one fat bloke who responses to the stage name "Trollhorn". Occasionally, other bandmembers might write something too, but don´t hold your breath on that. Everything you see is copyrighted except for most of the pictures I kinda ripped off from the net. Don´t be a poop and take than on me, pretty please.  Also, I don´t know shit about layouts nor blogs, so if you don´t like what you see you may go play with a blender for all that I care.

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