Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Debut Of The Chron-O-John"

Hey ho, let´s go! This text was originally intended for a forum, as a "first post" on a topic concerning Finntroll´s upcoming album in the future, so it´s somehow edited from the original. Yesterday, I posted a new topic concerning the fact that the rumours of our death are greatly exaggerated. Well, to be honest, no- one actually thought we were actually split- up. Not with this touring at least. But the thing is that we thought people would deserve some kind of an update at least about what we are up to.

So, here it is: I am willing to unveil the curtain here concerning the new album of Finntroll.
First and foremost- we have NOT booked any kind of studio. Secondly, we don´t have a schedule. So, what´s this for you then?

"Hurray, Trollhorn announced news on the new Finntroll- album!"
- Great, when is it coming out and any news about the musical style or anything?
"Well, he said that there is no schedule at all and they don´t have any songs ready"
-Wait, that isn´t´s like....

"But wait, there´s more! In this topic he will actually keep you posted irregularly on the actual songwriting process, news about the stuff, all sorts of miscellaneous bullshit concerning the album writing and also, at some point, some actual DATES. Because you want dates, don´t you. Yes, you do."

"Now that sounds better! So, maybe I actually start to visit this godforsaken Forum a bit more often now?"
- Well, don´t hold your breath. But maybe this will lit some light to your wondering what the hell is happening in the Finntroll- camp.

And finally,

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