Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The Inn"

So, enter monday evening, enter 3 hours of ideas, riffs, brainstorming and whatnot. We had fun times, drinking coffee and listening to good and bad riffs and ideas. We also agreed that it would be nice (note: punctuation on the word "nice", as in "would-be", "ideal" and "hopefully") to start recording this year, preferably latest in Dec/12. However, we´re not doing music for the deadlines so if we ain´t ready, we ain´t ready and that´s about it. But let´s keep fingers crossed, I personally hold late 2012 recording very realistic.

Oh, so how went the sessions then? Tundra and Routa both provided some useful stuff and I also made a cool start for a new song. We stormed around and thought about the album intro and what kind of style and sound we´d like to hear overall. For now, we seem to think going a bit more "unpolished" sound and not so "overproduced" as the latest two albums but you might never know. :D I´m generally more into faster stuff and the guys would do rather "stomping" and mid- tempo- ish beats, so I´m sure in the end we will have enough variety and something for everyone. I had an idea for the album intro, which was turned down by the guys at the end, but we agreed at least what kind of intro we are heading for now. Something different, I can tell, as seriously you can´t do grunting trolls and booming percussions forever, haha. It´s always the same thing when we start brainstorming ideas and riffs together- one wants to do this, one that and in the end we all are loosing our sleep thinking how the hell you can actually combine Dead Kennedys with Nightwish with a spice of Emperor, but somehow it always settles down in the end.

Maybe I shouldn´t worry about it now.

On tuesday, Vreth shot an email on me and was excited to hear about the sessions. We also agreed that he´ll talk with Katla (I was talking about the lyrics in November with him, but he somehow "disappeared" and never got back to me after a couple of conversatios :D ) and they start to think about the lyrics. I wish I could get a couple of ones before making all the songs- it would be really cool to try out what kind of stuff I could come up with the lyrics beforehand- maybe some commercial sing- along- choruses and hooks? Money, baby!!!! :D

Some other bandmembers are most likely posting something here in the future too, so keep following this babbling every now and then. ^^

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