Sunday, October 21, 2012

"A new look to Stars and Stripes"

Me and Tundra made an awesome new song, and the guys spent the weekend playing in Mone...Pag...Heathen...somethingfest. I also took the liberty of udoing a demo preview- compilation and put it to our Facebook- page. Feel free to surf there and go nuts while you're reading this!
 I've been drowning on finishing the last half of a movie score besides the album- writing, so needless to say, I'm close to going slightly mad very soon, heh. I still have about 8 minutes to do before I can concentrate more on the Trollish stuff-which means that later next week I should be able to continue finishing the last material for the album. Finally caught that flu too everyone and their children were having, so it's been quite a pleasure doing orchestrations mixed with "duets for a tissue and a mug of lukewarm coffee".

 I also made finally a Twitter- account yesterday where I can act like I was some sort of a professional composer,so hook me up from there if you're interested @trollhornmusic. Now I'd need some sleep but am still too excited of reading the newest issue of Android Magazine.^^ Sorry for turning this into a diary, it seems. Next update will bemore band- related, I promise!

PS: Either it's me or this blog service is way beyond horrible to edit with a tablet. >.<

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